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Welcome to my Blog, where I nerd out, rant, and brain-dump.

I was born in the year of our Star Wars, 1977, on Long Island, New York. Having grown-up in the 1980s and 1990s, I arrived to the 21st century with loads of inspiration and the life-long pursuit for a career in motion pictures. Today, everybody and their grandmother are capable of doing what I’ve so passionately struggled for – all with a measly smartphone and an internet connection. So, to compensate, I work a 9-5 desk job to finance my hobbies. Yes, hobbies, as a hobby is never a profession, unless you are paid enough to make a living off it. But, passions are passions. Never give up.

When I’m not working my weekday desk job, or attempting to make movies with my iPhone, I follow a healthy regimen (I’m a wellness nerd) – with the occasional weekend beer, wine, tacos, and pizza. I also attend various East Coast conventions, cosplaying as either Han Solo, Wolverine, Indiana Jones, Deadpool, or Negan.

Consequently, my blog content will be on things of that nature. Nerdy stuff n’ things with a twist of lemon.

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Mike Polizzi

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