Stranger Things 2 (Super Bowl 2017 Ad)


As I sat and watched some long televised event, surrounded by beer and artery-clogging snacks, I patiently waited for a certain 36-second teaser. A teaser for a show that instantly captured the heart of my 1980s kid self last summer.

Stranger Things successfully delivers everything that excites me in narrative fiction. The kids are Steven Spielberg; the teenagers are Wes Craven; the adults are John Carpenter . . . Monsters; an alternate dimension; that Goonies & ET trapped in The Twilight Zone vibe . . . Chief Jim Hopper with that Indiana Jones badassery, sporting that brown, custom-made fedora . . . The recipe for this show buries the needle on my excite-o-meter.

This Halloween, we get to watch 9 more episodes on the genius that is Netflix. Only 260+ days!  Until then, leggo my Eggo!